Let Skilled Care Pharmacy specialists help make billing a little easier.

Billing Services

Billing is always a complex process. Skilled Care Pharmacy can help make it a little less stressful.

Billing Help

Your skilled and experienced customer care billing representative will:
  • Directly bill third-party insurers, Medicare Part D, hospice plans and State Medicaid plans

  • Assist in completing documentation for Prior Authorization following plan-specific requirements

  • Provide timely communication to the facility regarding Medicare Part D and Medicaid eligibility requirements and changes

  • Provide a Medicare Part D review as requested to ensure appropriate plan choice based on a resident's drug regimen

  • Provide customized billing statements, including electronic versions in Excel and Word

  • Discount for prompt payment on facility statement.

Competitive Pricing

Quarterly pricing surveys are conducted to guarantee that Skilled Care Pharmacy pricing remains among the most competitive in the market. We guarantee Skilled Care Pharmacy is competitive and will not be beat on bottom-line pricing. All new orders are closely monitored for Medicare co-pays. Your billing representative is also available as needed for consultation and reconciliation of billing.

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