Our skilled pharmacists are available at all hours, for consultation just when you need it.

Consulting Services

In addition to a dedicated service representative, each facility enjoys the services of a dedicated consultant pharmacist. Our pharmacists are best in class. Some are in-house, fielding calls from our customers, while others are visiting at healthcare facilities to work with residents on their individual medication needs.

The role of the consultant pharmacist is to:

  • Individually review the medication profile of each resident, meeting personally with residents.


  • Make recommendations with the goal of improving the resident's quality of life.


  • Carefully review each resident's medication profile to make recommendations.

Each consultant pharmacist develops a working relationship with the prescribing physician, who accepts greater than 90% of our recommendations. Combine that with our unique approach to medication substitution and competitive pricing, and you get savings of $1,000/resident/year, on average.

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