Patient Drive Payment Model (PDPM) Tools

05.29.19 ·

E-Mar and software vendors such as MatrixCare, PointClickCare, and Prime Care Technologies are providing the industry with some valuable tools to assist with Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM), which goes into effect in the fall of 2019.

PointClickCare customers have access to an assessment tool called the PDPM Estimator, which looks at their current documentation and helps the facility see what their reimbursement will look like with the PDPM model. It can show how to improve documentation for the PDPM model.

The MatrixCare report tool compares RUG’s and PDPM rates. They are also developing functionality to look closely at the PDPM calculations, as well as PDPM performance indicators.

Prime Care Technologies is working with facilities on how to make PDPM work for them, with heavy emphasis on technology, metrics, and vendor relationships to assist with the new payment model.