Our incredible track record shows how serious we are about getting prescription orders to our customers on time and error-free - and how dedicated we are to cutting prescriptions and expenses for a higher quality of life at less cost.

Facts & Stats

We're an industry leader, and it's not just because we care about our customers and residents. We have a reputation for performing the services you need in the smoothest, most efficient way possible. Just take a look at our excellent stats and facts.


13:1 Discontinuation to Addition Ratio

In simple terms, this means that for every medication we recommend adding, we recommend discontinuing 13! And the reduction of even a single prescription, combined with our approach to medication substitution and competitive pricing, can result in significant cost savings and a higher quality of life for residents.


92% Consultant Pharmacist Acceptance Rate

Doctors accept our recommendation greater than 92% of the time. That's well above the 70% industry standard! Our advice is trusted because our consultants build such strong relationships with the prescribing doctors.


Over 4,000 Dosage Decreases Recommended per Year

We're a pharmacy, but we know we that less medications mean a better quality of life. So whenever possible, we recommend discontinuation. This results in fewer hospitalizations, less side effects, adverse events, fewer drug interactions and a better overall well-being.


About 3,500 Psychoactive Medication Reductions Recommended Annually

The less medications the better, especially psychoactive medications. We help reduce residents' psychoactive prescriptions by the thousands every year.


Formulary/therapeutic substitution program

We saved our customer base over $60,000 in the fourt quarter 2016, through the formulary/therapeutic substitution program.


18 Quality Indicator / Quality Measures

We maintain 18 quality improvement/quality measures to ensure we are serving you in the best way we can.


100% Survey Preparedness

We offer on-site and off-site training seminars, quarterly education packets, and access to our team of customer care representatives, consultant pharmacists and nurse clinicians to make sure you are prepared for the unforeseeable.