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Frequently Asked Questions

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What does Skilled Care Pharmacy do?

Skilled Care Pharmacy provides expert medication dispensing and a variety of consultative services to health care organizations throughout the Midwest. Skilled Care was founded in 1981 and currently serves more than 10,000 residents every day in more than 100 facilities. Our 260 employees offer a full range of services, including pharmaceuticals, training and education, consulting and billing.

Where is Skilled Care located?

Our corporate office is located in Mason, Ohio (north of Cincinnati) and we have pharmacies in Fishers, Indiana (outside Indianapolis) and Cleveland, Ohio.

What sets Skilled Care apart from its competitors?

According to our customers, what sets Skilled Care apart falls into three categories: access, relationships and philosophy. Our customers can reach a member of their service team - including the Consultant Pharmacist - 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Skilled Care builds relationships with clients, and is invested in their quest for quality resident care and organizational excellence.

What is Skilled Care Connect?

Skilled Care Connect - which is available at no cost to our customers - is a computer interface that facilitates immediate access to information relating to the medications Skilled Care dispenses.

What is Remote Dispensing?

Skilled Care's remote dispensing system provides customers with immediate on-site access to nearly every medication, including controlled substances, making the transition from home or hospital to your facility significantly easier.

What is a Skilled Care "Customer Care Team"?

Every client has a Skilled Care Team to ensure all aspects of the relationship are properly managed. The Team includes an Account Manager, Consultant Pharmacist and Billing Representative.

What kinds of value-added services does Skilled Care offer?

In addition to excellent medication dispensing, Skilled Care provides training on topics such as geriatric care, regulatory expectations, operational efficiencies and a broad range of courses and materials. We also offer the nurse IV Certification Course, clinically based educational programming, quality assurance audits and mock surveys.

How does Skilled Care ensure operational excellence?

At Skilled Care, using Lean Six Sigma principles, we are constantly refining our processes. Medications - delivered directly to each nursing station by our couriers - are pre-packaged in unit of use for each resident, on a medication cart customized to meet your facility's needs and reduce nursing time spent handling medications. All medications are tracked electronically to simplify reordering.

Our integrated information management system documents medicines, specific diagnoses and side effects, as well as medication history and laboratory and diet orders. The system also provides the opportunity to manage the individual facility formularies.