CMS Tool Kit


In March, CMS provided a  Care Coordination Toolkit (full article here) for skilled nursing facilities which provides strategies  used by ACO’s to insure high quality and efficient care for their beneficiaries.  By managing transitions across the settings of care, ACO’s are able to tailor care to the beneficiaries’ unique needs.

The Care Coordination Toolkit provides facilities with insight into a variety of “scoring, or ranking” of SNF’s by the ACO’s. Many hospitals may only work with SNF’s that demonstrate the ability to consistently provide high-quality care, and a willingness to reform how they deliver services. Facilities are also rated on how well they prevent readmissions, improve patient independence and reduce lengths of stay.

This is the first toolkit on a broader series of resources that will explore different aspects of how ACO’s operate. SNF’s would be well served to be familiar with the information provided.