We're an institutional pharmacy dedicated to helping you reduce unnecessary medications, which saves time and improves care.

Medication Reduction

Socrates once declared that medicine "acts as both remedy and poison" and that "this charm, this spellbinding virtue, this power of fascination, can be - alternately or simultaneously - beneficent or maleficent."

While many medications are indeed lifesaving, we believe that reducing residents' medications when possible is a "win, win" for everyone. It improves quality of life and reduces costs all around. We want to make sure that your residents are on the right medications, which is why our consultant pharmacists work hard to identify only the best prescription combinations.

Because we build strong relationships with residents' prescribing doctors, they trust our recommendations. They accept our recommendation greater than 90% of the time, which is much higher than the industry's standard 70%. And for every prescription we recommend adding, we suggest discontinuing 8. To find out more impressive statistics about Skilled Care Pharmacy, see our Facts & Stats.

Learn more about how our consultant pharmacists work with you and residents to recommend ideal prescription solutions.

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