From dispensing to information management to delivery tracking, our industry-leading technology minimizes time and errors so your resident care is more focused and precise.

Technology to Succeed

We're dedicated to researching and deploying technology that helps you deliver quality resident care and achieve organizational excellence. Here are a few of the technologies you enjoy when you become a customer of Skilled Care Pharmacy.

eMar Solutions

eMAR technology ensures the correct medication is administered to the resident with the correct dose at the right time. Utilizing eMAR reduces errors, shortens med pass times, improves survey results and enhances quality of care for residents.

Skilled Care Connect

Skilled Care Connect, which is offered at no expense to customers, is a computer interface that facilitates immediate access to information relating to the medications Skilled Care dispenses. Your care team can check pricing for medications, print medication management reports and discharge instructions and track medications. Skilled Care Connect is a convenient and user-friendly portal that fits seamlessly into your existing system, and installation, maintenance and training are provided.

Multi-Dose Dispensing

Multi-dose dispensing is designed for safety and ease of use, packaged in secure, tear-open bags, by time of day. This is an ideal system for both nurses and residents who self-administer medications and is applicable to all living environments.

Remote Dispensing

Skilled Care‚ remote dispensing system provides customers with immediate access to nearly every medication, including controlled substances, making the transition from home or hospital to your facility significantly easier. Our system ensures residents have their medications as soon as they arrive at your facility and eliminates an often complicated and time-consuming process. Other benefits include decreased need for immediate (STAT) orders, reduction of medication waste costs, reduced human error and time and money savings throughout the health care system.

Emergency Electronic Dispensing

Emergency electronic dispensing is an automated dispensing system supporting decentralized medication management. This system provides a safe and effective way to retrieve first dose, STAT, as needed (PRN), and leave of absence (LOA) medications.

Pharmacy Management Technology

We are constantly refining our processes to ensure accurate, on-time delivery of medications, and that extends to our information technology (IT) system. All medications are tracked electronically to simplify reordering, and our integrated system documents medicines, specific diagnoses and side effects, as well as medication history and laboratory and diet orders. The system also provides the opportunity to customize and manage the individual facility formularies.

Delivery Track

Delivery Track is an innovative delivery solution that fully integrates with DocuTrack to manage all aspects of pharmacy delivery. DeliveryTrack enables Skilled Care to give immediate delivery verification or en-route status to your facility. Verification checks ensure the correct items are being delivered and drivers are at the right locations. This information is then synchronized back to Skilled Care Pharmacy for the dispatching team to access.

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