We provide caring, expert medication dispensing to healthcare organizations across the Midwest. We strive to help our customers - long-term care, residential care facilities, group homes, assisted living and hospice facilities - achieve better operations while giving residents a higher quality of life.


Skilled Care Pharmacy, an institutional pharmacy, is a valued partner, helping customers deliver quality outcomes and achieve organizational excellence.

SCP was founded in 1981 on the principles of efficient, proactive medication dispensing practices and profound respect for our elders. At Skilled Care, we work hard to develop deep relationships with our customers' staff and residents, resulting in more error-free – and often, more effective - dosing as well as more streamlined operations at the entire facility.

As it turned out, putting customers, nursing staff and residents first wasn't just the right thing to do, it's the smart thing, too! Today, we are one of the leading Midwestern providers of pharmacy services for long-term care facilities, serving approximately 10,000 residents every day in more than 100 facilities. We offer a full range of services, including pharmaceuticals, training and education, consulting and more.

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